Everyday practice


Conscious meditations (mindfulness) The meaning of the technique is in the total awareness in the present moment. Position or surroundings are unimportant. The main task is to anticipate happenings around and in you.

How to calm mind

What is the meditation?

Int its deep meaning the meditation is an instrument of the Buddhism spiritual scientists. It helps to clear the mind and to learn how to control it. This allows to reach the calm inward state of the mind and body with total consciousness and attentiveness. There are a lot of different meditation practices.


What is the secular meditation?

The Secular Meditation — is the total awareness on each certain moment to feel existence without concentration on thoughts appearing in mind.


What happens if you meditate every day?

Research shows the the meditation lowers the renewal processes in the brain decreasing the risk of cancer and other diseases. Moreover it can cause the feeling of awe, tame the pain and protect the brain from aging. Meditation helps to recover from anxiousness, depression, insomnia and tiredness.