Free psychological assistance for Ukrainians

“(translated into English) After my family and I got out of Mariupol, we have been moving for the second month, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive online psychological support...”

Дані анонімніМаріуполь

“...who gave me psychological support and help. Thank you very much for your activity and the people who participate in it! Everything you do has a significant impact on our society and nation, thank you!”

Дані анонімніХарків

“I want to thank Maria for the consultation! I was able to understand that I did everything right and accepted ... I thank this project for the opportunity to seek professional help!”

Дані анонімніКиїв

What kind of psychological help can I receive:

  • Post-traumatic syndrome – caused by the horrors of war in Ukraine.
  • Panic attacks, anxious state, scary
  • I do not know what to do and how to continue living
  • Feeling of emptiness, confusion
  • Psychological help is needed for my child(ren)
  • Meditation, concentration, focus

How can I get free psychological help?

You open the form on the website using the link below, fill in the necessary fields, MANDATORY - how to contact you - that's all, and then the psychologist will contact you via the selected communication channel!

На сайтізаповніть всі поля форми та вкажіть контакт з вами
Apply for help on the website

Everything is very simple - open our bot in Telegram using the link below, follow a few steps and that's it, and then the psychotherapist will contact you via the chosen communication channel! You can describe the problem by voice!

У Телеграм ботіви можете описати проблему голосом
Apply for help in Telegram Bot

Our specialists have extensive experience working with various patient conditions, hundreds of hours of practice and supervision.

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