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Services of psychotherapists for businesses employing Ukrainians.

Every paid hour saves ordinary Ukrainians and supports psychotherapists.



Free hours for Ukrainians


Clients received help


professional psychotherapists with more than 10 years of experience

What do we offer?

“Complete confidentiality, productive work with client requests based on constant cooperation, help and support”

All sessions are held online with complete confidentiality. We do not store customer data in the network or cloud services.

Our model allows your company to:

▪️By providing your employees with sufficient psychological help, increase their productivity and satisfaction, improve the working climate.

▪️To provide psychological assistance to low-income sections of the population or those who have lost the opportunity to provide for themselves due to war, refugees, displaced persons, as well as military personnel and volunteers.

▪️To support psychotherapists who work for free for 12 months.

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Start plan

The “Start” plan includes 10 psychotherapy sessions for your employees, you can split the hours between 1-2 employees of the company.



The most popular


The “Business” plan includes 50 psychotherapy sessions for your employees, you can distribute the hours between 5-10 employees of the company.



Strong support


The “Premium” plan includes 100 psychotherapy sessions for your employees, you can distribute the hours between 10-20 employees of the company.



PSY HELP UA for Business

How does our service work?



Fill out the registration form for a business that supports Ukraine.


Choose the number of hours for your employees (minimum 10 hours)

Getting Started

We will contact you, clarify the details and agree on a time for work.


After all approvals, we issue an invoice for payment.

Business helps

Every hour you pay for your employee = free hour for Ukrainians who need help + payment of a psychotherapist.

International organizations –

friends and partners

By paying for psychotherapy sessions for your employees through our PSY HELP service, you are helping Ukrainians who cannot do it.